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The new, multi-patented and award-winning ZPC (Zone Powered Conveyor) system from Avancon is for Dieter Specht, the founder of Interroll and today's artist, like a modern, avant-garde artwork; - but with function. It has many advantages for everyone involved: for assembly, for installation on site and also for subsequent maintenance. Moreover, it is particularly eye-catching and attracts the attention of every operator of a logistics center.

<p>In 1907, a completely new Art-Direction in painting was created through the Cubism, which emerged in France from an avant-garde movement. This was among others essentially influenced by Pablo Picasso, who said once: „Every act of creation is first an act of destruction”. This means, forget everything that was so far and create something completely new.</p> <p>Dieter Specht co-founded the Interroll Group as a conveyor-roller manufacturer. All of his 28 patents, which he developed during his career as CEO at Interroll, revolved around the conveyor-roller. - Drives, sprockets, Poly-V drives, friction drives had to be connected or mounted to the conveyor-roller. Yes, even motors were placed inside the roller.</p> <p>Today, however, Dieter Specht thinks differently. He has completely detached himself from the past. As a contemporary artist and designer, he first sees the applications of a roller conveyor or a belt conveyor from the point of view of the operator of a logistics system, on which boxes, cartons, containers, glass, furniture and sensitive goods have to be transported and distributed through its internal logistics. - Today, he is concerned about the overall concept and not just about the roller. He specially sets high value on the design today. It is often the only thing that really allows the manufacturer to stand out from the competition. And it's a significant factor in buying a product, which also affects employee satisfaction.</p> <p>So he forgot what he produced for many years and created something completely new: in the spirit of the avant-garde.</p> <p>What does the operator of a conveyor system need? - Dieter Specht sees it in a different way. “First, the operator of a logistics center needs a concept, a layout for its internal goods and distribution flows. In a second step, he also needs a practical, reliable system, a well thought-out, matching design that is above all functional and safe, and that also works energy-efficiently. - But also the original equipment manufacturer, the manufacturer of conveyor systems and of course the general contractor, the system integrator, who plans the whole system, today attaches great importance to a modern design. And last but not least, the machine manufacturer, who is linking its machining centers to a production line in the sense of 'Industry 4', needs a contemporary conveyor design that fits in with its modern, well-clad machines as well as the modern architecture of its customers."</p> <p>"All this is not complicated. - What's easier than mounting everything without tools, without having to drill a hole and without using a screw? Everything is simply plugged together or snapped in”, explains Dr. Daniele Gambetta, the technical director at Avancon.</p> <p>Thus, Dieter Specht has developed a groundbreaking concept in which the roller is not the leading actor anymore, but only the supporting element, which incidentally can also be a conveyor belt.</p> <p>Dieter Specht: "To begin with, I put safety in the foreground, as all drive elements in the frame profile are now completely protected and invisibly housed - separately from the roller. The typical roller manufacturer connects everything with his roller. Sure, so he sells more rollers. - The roller with drive head is over.</p> <p>In this new concept there is nothing attached to the roller, which would have to be covered and secured: there is no risk of pinching your finger. No risk for long hair to become entangled in rotating parts. Everything is now invisible in the profile and protected. "</p> <p>So far, 6 patents and design protection have been applied for or granted to the various elements worldwide.</p> <p>Everything is pre-programmed and tested "in-house" and simply put together on the construction site in real "plug-n-play" like the electric “Märklin Railway”. - This reduces installation costs by 40 to 50% on site.</p> <p>"Of course you can build small as well as huge and complex conveyor systems with it; there are no restrictions. Everything is controlled in itself, completely autonomous.” says the CEO Christian Dürst. “It can be used everywhere. Like here in the airport security area, where everything has to be moved smoothly and secure. Anyone can pass by; nothing stands out, not even a screw head. I see a huge market for this exceptionally aesthetic design.</p> <p>The operators of logistics systems will soon prefer that,"</p> <p>In addition, the ZPC system provides great benefits to both the system integrator and the operator. The system is completely automatic and autonomously controlled. You do not need an expensive central control cabinet or cable ducts and do not have to lay cables on the construction site.<br /> Via the integrated gateway one can communicate - if desired - with almost every higher IT / BUS infrastructure. This reduces the programming efforts drastically.<br /> <br /> Maintenance is very easy and quick to carry out.</p> <p>The whole concept is based on a zone-controlled system that saves about 30% during normal operation, and even up to 84% in off-peak time. During peak hours it plays an important role to the energy turnaround.</p> <p>"This radical rethink, the break with the past and all disregard of existing systems has paid off. Here no "Me-too" product was created, but everything was newly designed and produced. It is like a living artwork, aesthetically and avant-garde. It is a very modern and functional piece of art that can solve 1000 applications. That's so fascinating for me.” Says Dieter Specht enthusiastically.</p> <p>Mr. Specht’s patents and design rights were acquired by Avancon SA in Riazzino / Ticino-Switzerland. The company offers something new, which can legitimately be called "avant-garde" *).</p>

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