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Avancon has solved the sorter problem for the Samsung shipping area

Together with the South Korean system integrator Asetec Co.Kr, a specialist for electronic control systems, "Pick-to-Light" and communication with higher-level BUS / IT systems, Avancon built the Samsung shipping center for small units-like the new Galaxy Note 10 -and simultaneously for larger boxes and for other products.

Avant-garde and conveyor technology

The new, multi-patented and award-winning ZPC (Zone Powered Conveyor) system from Avancon is for Dieter Specht, the founder of Interroll and today's artist, like a modern, avant-garde artwork; - but with function. It has many advantages for everyone involved: for assembly, for installation on site and also for subsequent maintenance. Moreover, it is particularly eye-catching and attracts the attention of every operator of a logistics center.

Revolutionizing Avancon conveyor concept

When the business of the South Korean Pharmaceutical Company Hanmi was increasing, the order processing and picking lines were too slow to handle all these orders in time. Their 10 years old equipment had to be replaced and the System integrator SMCORE, one of the largest in Korea, proposed them the new and most modern Avancon ZPC-Conveyor concept. This incomparable system offers many benefits. Now, after one year in operation, everything meets Hanmi’s expectations and the company is very satisfied with this solution by Avancon.

84% energy efficiency with the new conveyor system

The new conveyor system of the Swiss company Avancon SA, in Riazzino, is very safe and looks modern and impressive. In addition, investment, installation and maintenance costs are drastically reduced. But above all there is huge savings in energy; an amazing contribution to achieving the climate goals.

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Avancon SA developed the new type of conveyor system

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